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About IIC

Investing In Communities (IIC) is a nonprofit social enterprise. IIC turns brokered real estate transactions into an engine of philanthropy, by empowering individuals and businesses to fund nonprofits for free.

Through IIC, real estate professionals generate business by replacing referral fees with client-directed philanthropy.

Why ?

With IIC, real estate professionals can replace business development costs with more affordable philanthropy, by pledging at least 10% of their compensation to the nonprofit(s) their client selects.

Through IIC, nonprofits receive increased visibility and free, unrestricted funding from the real estate transactions of their supporters.


IIC is composed of three groups:

IIC is a platform that unites these groups and aligns their interests to create a win-win-win:

Real Estate Members  attract new business from socially conscious consumers, use IIC to win new clients, receive positive publicity for their IIC philanthropy, and offer corporate clients a unique philanthropic opportunity.

Nonprofit Partners receive free unrestricted funding from the real estate transactions of their corporate and individual supporters, increased visibility, and exposure to new potential supporters.

Consumers gain access to socially responsible professionals, and support their favorite nonprofit/s  for free.

What’s the result?

Our world improves as communities everywhere benefit from the dedicated work of nonprofits, and the increased awareness and engagement of IIC users.

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