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The IIC Model


Investing In Communities (IIC) turns real estate transactions into philanthropic events. The process is simple:

  1. Socially conscious consumers use IIC to find participating real estate professionals.*
  2. Participating professionals have pledged to donate, through IIC, at least 10% of an IIC-related commission to the nonprofit/s that their client selects.
  3. When a transaction is complete and the professional receives a commission, he/she sends the pledge to IIC.
  4.  IIC distributes the funds to the nonprofit/s the client selects, and it doesn’t cost the client a dime!

Through IIC, consumers support their favorite cause at no personal cost, professionals receive new business, and nonprofits receive free funding. It’s a win-win-win!


In Real Estate, new business costs something. Professionals pay  for referrals (15-25% of a commission), lead-generation (easily $400+ a year), or old-fashion advertising (from classifieds on up).

IIC is a nonprofit. We let consumers connect directly to professionals, and let professionals replace the costs above with client-directed philanthropy. IIC is more affordable for professionals, wonderful for clients, and most importantly , good for society. Hardworking nonprofits get funding they badly need, for free.

The result?

  • Professionals keep more of what they earn
  • Consumers feel great about supporting a cause
  • Nonprofits get the support they need to make our world better

Visit to learn more or participate, and make your real estate deal make a difference!

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