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For the Happiest of New Years, Let’s all win!

January 2, 2013


With this post, we both close the old year and bring in the new. While Investing In Communities® has accomplished a lot in the year past, we have far to go – probably around the world.

IIC’s community of communities – those seeking to strengthen and expand collaboration between the for-profit and nonprofit sectors for their mutual benefit – has nearly 400 participating charities. Because of our history, about 60 % are located in Chicago metro. The others range from St. Croix to Hawaii, from ME to WA, and from Mexico to Canada!

Feed the Hungry San Miguel

Because of a very active IIC volunteer who lives there, many of our 50 Member agents work in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. We just made our first distribution to an IIC Nonprofit Partner not located in the US, Feed the Hungry San Miguel. What makes this event even more notable is that it’s the first time that the Member’s pledge was matched by their client. In fact, the client more than matched it. IIC requires only that the fortunate agent who is awarded the brokerage assignment pledge a minimum of 10% of that commission for distribution through IIC to their client’s favorite charity.

Since we began to make distributions in May, 2010, IIC has enabled more than $150,000 of support for IIC Partners.

Recently, we added a searchable Corporate Directory for companies wishing to use IIC as a tool in connection with corporate and/or employees’ transactions, and/or just wanting to affiliate their brands with ours. We look forward to building this into an important platform for companies large and small, wanting to strengthen connections to their respective communities of interest and desiring recognition for doing business doing good.

We attended a wonderful event today to celebrate the first day in history that Benefit Corporations can exist in IL and recognize the first group of such IL for-profits. A movement is afoot, which with increasing frequency will cause commerce, as it’s transacted, to benefit the parties to the transaction and the larger world. That’s the IIC model.

For this movement, “investing in communities” is not an after-effect of profit making, but is integral to making that profit. We at Investing In Communities believe this is the smartest way to do more business. What’s better than everyone winning?

We are humbled and very proud to be a part of this social enterprise movement. We will work hard to contribute to its spread, for the benefit of those companies, professionals, and their customers and clients, who see commerce as a way to fund solutions to communities’ challenges. IIC will continue to work hard to do this for the benefit of us all.

Happy New Year!

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  1. January 5, 2013 9:59 pm

    We are so very proud of all of the work that you are doing with IIConline. I hope more companies and brokers see the power of directing funds to so many good causes.

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