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Where Real Estate Deals Make A Difference: The New IIC Online!

September 28, 2011

Change can be a good thing. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it’s scary. But it’s almost always exciting. Some big changes are afoot here at Investing In Communities. The IIC team worked all summer to redesign and re-imagine the IIC website, and it’s finally ready! We’re excited to unveil the new IIC Online!

Rethink Realestate Rethink PhilanthropyWe’ve reworked the site from top to bottom to improve user experience and deliver a more effective tool for consumers, real estate professionals, and nonprofits. We’ll be rolling out two rounds of changes this fall. Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect!

Individuals and Businesses:

  • A streamlined layout that guides you through the IIC process easily (round 1)
  • Better information on nonprofits and socially responsible professionals in your community, with upgraded Real Estate Member and Nonprofit Partner profiles ( round 2)
  • Social Connections to IIC Real Estate Members and Nonprofit Partners (2)
  • Spotlights on socially responsible businesses participating in IIC (1)
  • Resources to help businesses promote their IIC-generated philanthropy to consumers, clients, and employees (1)
  • A Community Bulletin Board listing volunteer and engagement opportunities with IIC Nonprofit Partners (2)
  • Online Transaction Forms that make it a cinch to register your transaction and select your nonprofit beneficiaries (2)
  • An IIC History tool lets you track your past transactions, the philanthropy you generated, and the nonprofit beneficiaries you chose (2)

 Real Estate Professionals:

  • Upgraded Member Profiles let you share more about your specialties, your past experience, and why you’re investing in communities (2)
  • An IIC History tool lets you track your past transactions, the clients involved, your net philanthropic impact, and the nonprofit you’ve helped (2)
  • LinkedIn Real Estate Member Group connects you to resources, news, and opportunities contributed by your peers (1)
  • A Member Toolbox full of marketing materials, templates, and other tools to help you promote your Membership to prospective clients (1)
  • Printable Profiles let you download a PDF of your IIC Member profile for easy printing and sharing (2)
  • A Member Discussion Board lets you engage with your fellow IIC Members and view, post, or comment on real estate news, resources, events, professional opportunities and charitable engagement opportunities (2).
  •  Social Connections let IIC users find you easily on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and your other social media platform


  • Upgraded Partner Profiles let you photos of your programs and events (2)
  • Your IIC Buzz section lets you share media coverage of your organization (2)
  • Partner Bulleting Boards let you post volunteer or job opportunities (2)
  • New Partner Toolbox is full of improved resources to make it easy for you tell your supporters about IIC – the first step to getting funding through IIC! (1)
  • Social Connections let IIC users find your organization easily on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and other social media platform (2)

This is just the beginning! We’ve got big plans for the future, and look forward to adding value for our Members, Partners, and users as IIC grows. Until then, have an idea for IIC Online? Let us know! Have a question about IIC? Visit or contact us directly at

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