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Real Estate Deals that Make a Difference – Urban Partnership Bank

August 2, 2011

IIC Giving $42,000 to Nonprofit Community.

We’re excited to announce that on October 25th, IIC will distribute $42,000 to eligible nonprofits!

What makes this philanthropy possible? Urban Partnership Bank made its real estate deal make a difference, by working with a socially responsible real estate professional. Urban Partnership Bank is an FDIC-insured community development bank that serves Chicago’s urban neighborhoods. The bank planned to open a new nonprofit-focused financial center in downtown Chicago, and chose to work with a participating IIC Member to locate new space.

learn how UPB serves Chicago's urban neighborhoods

This Member pledged to donate 15% of his commission, through IIC,  to whatever IIC Nonprofit Partners the bank selected. That pledge generated $42,000 in philanthropic funding!

But rather than chose just one nonprofit to receive these funds, Urban Partnership Bank decided to give all of IIC’s 200+ Nonprofit Partners an opportunity to receive funds! On October 25, IIC and Urban Partnership Bank will distribute the $42,000 through a random drawing at the grand opening celebration of the bank’s new location at 55 East Jackson*. Fifteen prizes will be awarded, including one grand prize of $10,000! This way, all of the bank’s nonprofit customers can be eligible to benefit – simply by applying to become IIC Nonprofit Partners.

The following prizes will be distributed:

  • 1 $10,000 Prize
  • 3  $ 5,000 Prizes
  • 4  $2,500   Prizes
  • 7  $1,000   Prizes

All IIC Nonprofit Partners in good standing by October 12th, 2011 will be eligible in the drawing. To learn more about the drawing, visit the Event Page at

Any nonprofit can apply to become an IIC Partner, and can be eligible to participate in the drawing. Partnership in Investing In Communities is entirely free. Click here  to learn how IIC supports nonprofits and to apply for Partnership.

Thanks to Urban Partnership Bank for making a difference through IIC. We wish all of our Partners the best of luck!

Would you like more information about this funding opportunity? Contact IIC directly at 312-955-4900 or email We will respond to you in 2-3 business days. For more information on Urban Partnership Bank, contact Lowell Simpson at 773-420-5136

*This drawing is in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois. Due to recent severe storm damage at the branch location, the date of the drawing has been rescheduled for October 2011. The exact date will be determined as soon as possible, so check back soon for further updates!

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