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Real Estate Deals that Make a Difference: Granicus Inc.

July 14, 2011

Where real estate meets philanthropyThis week  Investing In Communities was able to distribute $2,515 to our Nonprofit Partner, the  St. Rose Center. What made this philanthropy possible?

Investing In Communities MemberGranicus Inc.  made its real estate deal make a difference through IIC, by working with a socially responsible real estate professional. Granicus needed to renew its office lease, and chose to be represented by Michael Pink of MAP Real Estate Inc. – a participating Member of IIC. As an IIC Member Michael is Doing Business Doing Good. Through IIC, at least 10% of Michael’s IIC-related commissions go to the nonprofit/s his client selects. In this transaction, Michael pledged to send 15% of his commission to IIC, dedicated to the nonprofit  of the company’s choice.

Granicus Vice President Ron Cichon embraced this opportunity  to support a meaningful cause at no cost to the company. He selected St. Rose Center, a nonprofit organization located on the South Side of Chicago, to receive the IIC funds from this transaction. St. Rose Center serves adults with developmental disabilities, through a program that stresses independence and community involvement. As the father of a disabled son, Ron is particularly aware of the funding challenges that organizations like St. Rose Center confront. Ron notes that Illinois ranks among the bottom of the 50 states in funding for disabled services. In a time when states are slashing budgets further, nonprofits like St. Rose must fight just to keep the lights on.

Yet nonprofits like St. Rose Center play an essential role in the community, by meeting needs that neither the state nor private sector is able to fill. Since 1997 St. Rose Center has provided day-training services that cultivate developmental skills for adults. The goal of this program is to enable clients to improve their lives, by acquiring everyday skills, accessing employment assistance, gaining work experience through the Center’s Work Program, or enhancing their spirituality. Before St. Rose Center began it’s day-training program, for over 40 years it operated as a school that taught children with developmental disabilities.

Having switched it’s focus to adults, the Center now  supports clients as they work to become valued and active participants in community life; to cultivate healthy relationships with family, friends, and neighbors; to develop competencies; and to strive for self-sufficiency and personal security. The Center’s thirteen program areas range from the basic Motor Skills, to Functional  Math/Money and Vocational Readiness – reflecting their clients’ diverse needs and the diverse challenges faced by the developmentally disabled adult community.

Through IIC, Granicus supported an essential community facility, simply by aligning its real estate needs with its commitment to corporate social responsibility. By awarding his business to a socially responsible professional, Ron enabled his company to give back to the community – and it didn’t cost Granicus a dime.

As Ron observes, IIC is truly notable because it not only enabled St. Rose Center to receive funds from this transaction, but “it makes it possible for similar philanthropy to occur over and over again.” Each time an individual or corporate supporter of St. Rose Center renews a lease, moves, expands, or purchases or sells a home that supporter can generate significant funding for the Center at no personal cost – just by connecting with a socially responsible real estate professional through

According to Sister Theresa, St. Rose Center will likely use the $2,515 donation on the essentials – paying the heating and electrical bills, repairs, and other basic operating costs that allow St. Rose to keep its doors open. Unlike most grants, IIC funds are entirely unrestricted. This offers nonprofits like St. Rose Center an unusual degree of flexibility, and enables them to use the funds where they are needed most. Sometimes, that might simply mean paying to keep the lights on.

This much is certain, the funds generated by the Granicus transaction will directly help St. Rose Center execute its valuable mission. Sister Theresa says, “The St. Rose Center is very happy to receive this unrestricted gift through IIC. The ability to use this donation for general operating support is greatly appreciated. Thank you again to Granicus Inc., Michael Pink, and the staff at IIC!”

Many thanks to both Granicus Inc. and Michael Pink of MAP Real Estate for making this philanthropy possible through Investing In Communities!

Do you want your real estate deal to make a difference? Are you a nonprofit that would like to receive funds through IIC? Then visit to sign-up today as a Real Estate Member, a Friend, or a Nonprofit Partner! Do you know someone who should know about IIC? You can tell them with a click!

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