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Real Estate Deals That Make a Difference: Family Defense Center Finds Space, Funds Itself!

June 22, 2011

This past May, Investing In Communities was pleased to distribute $2,624 to our Nonprofit Partner, The Family Defense Center (FDC).

In this recent IIC transaction, The FDC was both the real estate client and the nonprofit recipient of IIC funds! IIC Real Estate Member Michael Pink of MAP Real Estate worked with The FDC to secure new office space for the Chicago-based nonprofit. As both the client and an IIC Partner, The FDC was able to select itself to receive Michael’s IIC pledge. So we hope our Nonprofit Partners will remember that IIC is not just a tool for their supporters; the IIC model can apply to Partners’ real estate transactions too!

IIC was happy to see The Family Defense Center (FDC) meet its office space needs, while generating funds to support its valuable mission. The FDC is the first of its kind: a legal advocacy organization that provides high level systemic advocacy,  grass-roots activities, and educational resources for families treated unfairly by state child protection agencies.

The FDC advocates for justice on behalf of families in the child welfare system, and aids families that are threatened with losing their children to foster care. According to The FDC’s website, “Child protection systems throughout America frequently remove children from parents as a first resort, not a last resort. Many parents lose custody of their children to state foster care systems primarily because they are poor or because they are victims of abuse themselves.”

At the root of The FDC’s work is concern for the children whose futures are at stake. Unfortunately many children in foster care bounce from home to home and may be traumatized by wrongful separation from parents and  siblings. As the sad story of Stephany P. demonstrates, any family can become the victim of a false, harassing, or misguided action that leads to well-intentioned but harmful intervention by the state.

Throughout America, there are innocent families at risk of separation, who lack the legal resources to mount adequate defenses against abuse or neglect charges. The FDC provides legal services within Illinois on a sliding scale, and families with incomes below 125% of Federal Poverty level are eligible for pro-bono services.

Thanks to The Family Defense Center for leveraging its Partnership on two fronts, and making its real estate transaction an IIC transaction. And many thanks to IIC Member Michael Pink of MAP Real Estate for making this philanthropy possible!

Want to support your favorite cause through your real estate transaction? Then visit Investing In Communities online to find a socially responsible professional!

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