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IIC Distribution: Lake Forest Open Lands Association

April 29, 2011

By choosing to work with IIC Member Michael Pink,  S. Michael Rummel of Rummel and Associates was able to support three fantastic nonprofits at no cost to him or his firm.

IIC Members are Doing Business Doing Good, which is why Members pledge at least 10% of any IIC-related commission to the IIC Nonprofit Partner(s) that their clients select. Michael Pink of MAP Real Estate was pleased to see his IIC pledge go to support three organizations that his client cares deeply about.

The third IIC Nonprofit chosen by S. Michael Rummel to receive funding is the Lake Forest Open Lands Association.


Sadly, less than one 100th of 1% of native Illinois prairie remains. Lake Forest Open Lands Association works diligently to protect and restore the remaining fragile ecosystems in its region, which extends from the Lake Forest lakefront on Lake Michigan, west to the rural landscapes of Waukegan Road.  It is dedicated to conserving the natural environment through land acquisition, habitat restoration, environmental education and conservation advocacy.

Since being established in 1967, Lake Forest Open Lands has acquired, reserved, restored and maintained over 800 acres of local native landscapes including prairies, savannas, woodlands and wetlands for the benefit and enjoyment of the local communities. The Association boasts 12 miles of walking trails, which are open to the public year-round.

Lake Forest Open Lands Association has been recognized as a national leader in land conservation, and in 2008, became the first Illinois land trust to be accredited by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, a significant mark of distinction.

 Lake Forest Open Lands’ restoration efforts are designed to cultivate and improve healthy habitats for the native plants and animals that occupy their preserves. The organization constantly records  and monitors the discovery of new flora and fauna species on its preserves, as proof that active management can positively impact local areas .Lake Forest Open Lands is actively involved in environmental education, and believes that education is essential to building community support for the protection, restoration and maintenance of threatened native ecosystems and open space. Through its partnership with local schools, Lake Forest Open Lands provides subsidized and sequential environmental education to over 3,200 students each year.

Finally, Lake Forest Open Lands is an advocate at the City and County government level for the preservation of open space and environmental protection policy. Through its  active membership in Chicago Wilderness and the Land Trust Alliance, Lake Forest Open Lands also participates in conservation issues at the regional and national level.

We congratulate Lake Forest Open Lands Association for being selected to receive this funding through IIC!

Again, thank you to IIC Member Michael Pink and client S. Michael Rummel of Rummel and Associates for making this philanthropy possible!

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