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Show the World Some Love

February 14, 2011

Our motto here at Investing In Communities is Get Giving. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’re embracing Generosity Day with open arms.

Call it Valentine’s Day 2.0 – Sasha Dichter of Acumen Fund has scaled up his own personal experiment in generosity to inspire us all to look beyond ourselves and do something unnecessarily kind for others. Strangers, coworkers, roommates, loved-ones – today make them the object of an intentional act of kindness.

We all need a little nudge towards generosity from time to time, and understandably so. Regardless of our best intentions, the stress and demands of life, work, and family can cause us to tune out the needs of others. In a modern world where suffering and deprivation confronts us daily – either on a cold street corner or on the evening news – this tuning out is as much an act of psychological self-defense as it is of selfishness. But that does not mean we must remain perpetually deaf to the appeals of others.

At Investing In Communities, we believe in Doing Business Doing Good. IIC professionals integrate generosity into their every-day business model. In doing so they benefit their business by benefiting others, and help drive  a virtuous cycle that unites consumers, nonprofits, and professionals to create shared value.

We are working to make every day look a little bit more like Generosity Day, but until then we welcome this chance to invest Valentine’s Day with new meaning. So let’s open our eyes, open our hearts, and lend our hand to those who need it now. Get Giving!

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