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Make IIC Work for You!

January 24, 2011

So, your organization recently joined IIC as an NGO Partner. Like all our Partners, you recognized the fantastic opportunity that IIC represents. But you may be wondering, “What now? How do I use this tool to produce real dollar results?”

Well, IIC will work for you when your corporate and individual supporters understand that they can use IIC to generate funding for your organization. IIC is a tool for them to support you at no personal cost!

But how do you get the word out? IIC can seem a bit complicated, and distilling the process into a brief newsletter article, Facebook Post, or Tweet might feel daunting (believe us, we understand!).


That’s why we created the Partner Toolbox for you! Use it to spread the word quickly and easily.

  1. Visit to log in to your NGO Partner Account.
  2. Click on “Partner Toolbox”
  3. There you can Download all the Templates you need to get the word out about IIC! You’ll find:

Just personalize the templates and you’re good to go! Let your supporters know that their real estate transactions can easily support the causes they care about – because what they don’t know can’t help you!

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