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A Look Down the Road….What’s Brewing at IIC

January 20, 2011

2011 is here. We’re nearly 3 weeks into the new year, and IIC is diving in with big plans and exciting news!

We enter the year with 121 NGO Partners, and over $47,000 in distributions made to 10 different Partners! This early success demonstrates the viability and potential of the IIC model, but we are committed to providing maximum value for all of our Members, Partners and Friends.

That’s why IIC is launching an informative lunchtime series for Partners here in Chicago, and will soon roll out exciting functionality on our website that will offer Members and Friends local exposure and a local experience!

Lunch and Learn with IIC

The IIC Lunchtime Series will be a monthly event, in which Partners are invited to learn how they can best use IIC as an effective development tool. The IIC model creates value by aligning the interests of diverse stakeholders, so it can appear a bit overwhelming at first with many “moving parts.” We sympathize that Partners may struggle to communicate clearly with their supporters about how IIC can be used to support their organization.

The lunchtime sessions will be friendly gatherings in which Partners can  familiarize themselves with the details of the IIC model, learn some effective communications tools and strategies, get their lingering questions answered, and network with fellow IIC Partners over lunch!

If you are an IIC NGO Partner, be on the lookout for your invitation!

Local Exposure and Local Experience

IIC may have be scaling nationally, but we are committed to building a true community of engaged, socially conscious consumers and professionals. And that means tying virtual community to physical community.

That’s why soon, IIC Online will be capable of reading the IP addresses of visitors’ computers, enabling a global community of IIC Friends and Members to act and connect locally. Whether it’s finding a professional in their community who is Investing In Communities, meeting other IIC Friends engaging locally with IIC NGO Partners, or finding local Partners to support through their IIC transactions – Friends visiting the site will have a location specific experience.

Meanwhile, Members will receive targeted exposure to IIC Friends in their area who are looking for services. The profile of a Real Estate Member in Wisconsin won’t get buried under the profiles of New York, Florida, or Texas Members. Wisconsin-based visitors to IIC Online will be exposed to Wisconsin-based Members (though visitors can still search the entire IIC Member Database to find Members in any region).

The IP functionality will advance IIC’s commitment to providing its stakeholders with maximum value, while catalyzing real on-the-ground engagement. IIC may be thinking globally, but we’re striving to support our Members, Partners, and Friends as they live, work, and engaging locally.

Any thoughts on what we could do better? Then add your voice to the conversation, and let us know! Visit IIC on Facebook and add your thoughts to the discussion board.

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