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Real Estate Deals That Make A Difference: ChildServ Receives $4,000

December 10, 2010

Learn about IIC NGO Partner, Childserv

Investing In Communities is a young organization. Heck, we celebrated our soft-launch less than a month ago! But IIC is already generating funding for nonprofits.

Wednesday, IIC distributed nearly $4,000 to Childserv, an organization dedicated to helping Chicagoland’s at-risk children and their families build and sustain better lives.

Since May, 2010 IIC has generate nearly $47,000 for nonprofits, with more distributions in the slated for before year’s end (stay tuned!). Those funds are unrestricted, and entirely free. Partners did not have to spend precious time and resource writing grants, petitioning donors, or otherwise fundraising. They simply spent the 10-15 minutes and applied to become IIC Nonprofit Partners.

So why did Childserv receive funds on December 8th, and not a different Partner? Well, a supporter of Childserv made their real estate transaction an IIC transaction, and selected Childserv to receive their IIC Real Estate Member’s pledge. In this case, that pledge amounted to nearly $4,000.

Last May, a larger IIC transaction generated $20,000 for Women Employed.

In an era when a multitude of social media sites and web applications make it easier than ever to solicit donations – click here! donate now! – IIC stands out as unique.

IIC empowers businesses and individuals by putting the funds in their hands and saying, you decide. The hope is that this power will in turn inspire responsibility – responsibility to reflect upon the causes that matter to one’s community and to one’s self; responsibility to open our eyes a little wider and notice the organizations dedicated to improving our society; and responsibility to engage with and support those organizations.

What is the outcome or this unique model? Everybody wins. IIC Real Estate Members receive business from socially conscious clients and/or the supporters of IIC NGO Partners. Individual and Corporate IIC Friends satisfy their real estate needs while supporting causes they care about, at no personal cost. NGO Partners receive the unrestricted financial support they need to execute their mission, and improve our communities.

Now that’s added value.

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