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All The Tools You Need!

November 10, 2010

Log in to your IIC NGO account to view the Tool Box!

Grant application due at 5, board meeting at 3, community outreach session at 6, emails to respond to, someone’s yelling that the printer broke again, but you’re not listening because the ED is on the phone and wants to know how that annual report is coming…..

Sound familiar? Probably- at least, if you work for a nonprofit. If your organization is an IIC NGO Partner, the odds are good that the only thing scarcer than resources is your time. Don’t worry, we hear you.

That’s why IIC® has created an comprehensive Tool Box for our NGO Partners! In it, you will find everything you need to tell your supporters and your community about IIC. No headaches required! We’ve got templates ready and waiting for your newsletter, press release, email announcements, Facebook posts, and even your tweets! We’ve even got you covered with sample thank you letters, and announcement templates for when your organization receives an IIC distribution.

These Tools will enable NGO Partners to get the most out of IIC. So Partners, be sure to visit IIC Online to view your Tool Box, and use the tools inside to tell the world to Get Giving!

Because the more IIC works for you, the more  you can focus on executing your mission – not chasing funds.

Besides, that report isn’t writing itself…and apparently you’re the only one in this place who knows how to fix a printer.

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